Larry Johnson's Rap?

If its not one thing with Larry its another.  What might you ask has he done this time. Or did he? 

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -If its not one thing with Larry Johnson its another.  What might you ask has he done this time.  Well suposedly Larry is said to have said, oh I mean sang some pretty harsh words about Carl Peterson and Priest Holmes.

A myspace page title to be Larry Johnson's freewheeling rap with pictures of guns and bullets.  More importantly a music player with a rap with some songs, and even more importantly a rap song supposedly to be Larry Johnson rapping these lyrics.

  "(Expletive) Carl Peterson, the GM is running it," goes the lyric in the song. "They see me.  They want to treat me like I'm running it. I wouldn't give a (expletive) if I'm not coming back.  I'd rather play for another team because I'd rather be a running back."

Larry Johnson attended a benefit fundraiser for Tony Gonzalez denied accusations that he said any of those things.  

"That's not my voice," he told NBC Action News. "If someone's imitating me, that's more know kudos to them."

The rap also says some not to nice things about Chiefs running back Priest Holmes.  Johnson als denied those things as well saying he had not heard that rap or even knew about it until NBC Action News contacted him via phone.

Reporter: "Is it possible that's your voice and someone just later put music under it?  Everyone says, that sounds like Larry Johnson?"  

Johnson: "Beats me, I mean with technology today, I think you could do anything."

Now I have to completely agree with Johnson when he says that you can do pretty much anything now days with technology.  There are lots of recording devices that you only have to have a little bit of the persons voice, and you can pretty much tell your computer to tell it what to say and it will sound just like the persons recorded voice.

Also why would someone want to say such harsh things to a general manager and team that just gave him a huge contract worth over $30 million.  

Also in an interview posted on the official Chiefs website with Johnson about Priest Holmes he seems to be happy with Holmes.

Q: On Priest Holmes' return...

JOHNSON: "Hooray for him. There aren't too many guys that can come back like that at 32 or 33 to make a difference. He wanted to make a difference either this year or next year. You have to kind of praise a guy for that. He could have easily said, `Hey I'm just going to stay on PUP and hang out and collect checks and not do anything.' But he has intentions of coming back and contributing."

Q: On if his relationship is different with Holmes now...

JOHNSON: "It's not different, it's like we've been the whole time. When I first got here it was always to help him out. If he needed a breather, I came in. Now we've still got the same relationship where if he came back and wanted to play then he'll spell me if I need a breather. We had a cool relationship and there was nothing was anything on the bad side."

Carl Peterson was stated as saying that if Johnson did make that rap or had anything to do with it that he would have no choice but to suspend his star running back.  

Whoa there Mr. Peterson before you do any suspending you need to really find out what really happened.  Maybe you should also do your job and get something worked out with your team.  Its pretty bad when your punter is the best player on the team against a team that made your once powerful unstoppable offense look like pop warner players.  Maybe if you would have kept your star QB who before last season was rated in the Top 5 QBs ever since coming to the Chiefs he has one bad year and you just get rid of him.  

Look what happened to Ben Rothlisberger when he had the horrible motorcyle accident and nagging injuries.  The next season he came back and was anything but what he was the last season.  Look at him now he is probably in the best shape of his career.

Something else I don't understand is that Priest Holmes has been on the shelf for how many years now, but you will hold onto him over a player in Green who had another excellent outing even though his team lost.  38-24 for 219 yards and 1 TD, 0 interceptions, and a QB rating of 87.5  Now lets look at what Huard put up.  33-22 for 168 yards 0 TD and 2 interceptions for a measley 53.6 QB rating.

I am not saying its all Damon Huards fault because if you watched the game Sunday you saw WRs dropping passes that hit them right in the hands, two of them were intercepted and when they did catch the ball they didn't hold onto it for long.  

So what I'm getting at is this, I have been following the Chiefs for a very long time now and can remember when everytime the Chiefs got to the playoffs they could never win.  When are we fans going to realize that something in the front office of the Chiefs is not right.  Mainly the blame should fall on Carl Peterson.   Yeah he has promised to keep Arrowhead sold out as long as he is GM and so far he has done that but when is he going to promise to win a playoff game.  One year the offense is awesome but then the defense is terrible then the next year the offense is terrible and the defense is awesome.  It seems like he takes us fans right to the top of the cliff and once we get to the very top he just leads us right off the edge and lets us fall.  Then during the off season he comes back and says the same thing we have all heard over and over that we are going to be a better team this year.  He brings in good players and we jump back on the train and chug back up that cliff and the same thing just keeps happening.  When is our train going to finally reach its true destination by at least winning one playoff game is that too much to ask.  Maybe this whole rap could be a wake-up call to Peterson that we fans are tired of him leading us off the cliff and can only take so much before we just give up.

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