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Larry Johnson is Becoming a Leader for the Kansas City Chiefs

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From yesterday, on this Sunday's game:

"I’m going to be 100 percent when I go into this game. The first game, that’s one thing I hate about holding out of camp, I wish we had done this contract thing a lot sooner like I wanted to so I didn’t have to hold out of came, because you can’t practice game reps. You can’t practice game endurance until you’re actually in a game. It was difficult for me during the Houston Texans game because I wanted to fight, I wanted to keep going, but I couldn’t get into that rhythm because I had only been with the offensive line for two weeks and they were moving and shuffling guys around. I had to come get my breath sometimes and if I had been in camp I would have been able to be in the game and not come out. But this game I’m forcing myself to stay in because we need this win and we need to be able to compete. I’m going to make sure I’m in there for the long haul."
Honesty, leading by example and showing your teammates that you're in it to win. I love it. Larry Johnson will end up being the greatest Chiefs running back of all time.