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Kansas City Chiefs Roster Updates

**UPDATE** As I predicted this morning in this thread, Michael Allan has been added to the practice squad, per RotoWorld.

We've had a lot of shuffling of the roster in the last week and the news is spread out over posts, comments, updates etc. So here is a little rundown of whats been going on after Week 1.

  • Justin Medlock was cut and Dave Rayner has been added to the roster. Medlock hasn't cleared waivers just yet but the Chiefs plan to put him on the practice squad.

  • TE Michael Allan was cut to make room for Dave Rayner. My guess is that we put Allan back on the practice squad after he clears waivers and get rid of the current TE on the PS, James Adkisson.

  • Bobby Sippio was promoted to the active roster to replace Eddie Kennison.
As of right now, there are 7 players on the practice squad. Medlock will round that out to 8 and I predict the Chiefs will drop Adkisson to make room for Allan. That also leaves 54 on the current roster because we are allowed an extra guy until Week 3 because of Jared Allen's suspension. Confused?