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Bobby Sippio to Possibly Move to the Active Roster

**UPDATE #2 Tuesday PM** Justin Medlock has cleared waivers and will take Sippio's spot on the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad. UPDATE Weds. AM: This hasn't happened just yet but is only a formality.

**UPDATE** This is a mere formality at this point but I just heard on the radio that Bobby Sippio will be called up from the practice squad for the Bears game this weekend. Eddie Kennison's injury must be fairly severe to warrant such this move so early in the week.

The Star reports:

The Chiefs planned to promote former Arena League receiver Bobby Sippio from the practice squad to play against the Bears. They would release rookie tight end Michael Allan to clear roster space for Sippio.
With Kennison out against the Bears this week, the Sippio addition only makes sense. I will confirm this as soon as I can. I love the irony of Herm Edwards ranting about "Arena League football scores" and then he brings in the biggest Arena League scorer of them all.

Note: KC Chiefs Fanatic also weighs in on Sippio.

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