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From CNNSI's Don Banks today:

Longtime K.C. general manager Carl Peterson has survived in the job on a track record of success that was mostly forged years ago, and thanks to the loyalty and patience of Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, who died last year. But K.C. hasn't won a playoff game since 1993 (0-5 in the postseason in that span), and that 13-season drought is the league's third longest.
You can read my thoughts on Carl Peterson's organizational strategy in "Jonathan Rand Doesn't Get It" and "Flawed Logic". Carl Peterson's track record pretty much proves he doesn't know how to win a Super Bowl, let alone get to one. I know the Chiefs were horrible in the 1980s and Carl Peterson turned that around. But at what point do we, as fans, stand up and say Peterson's strategy isn't working anymore?

If you heard Kevin Kietzman's rant today on Carl Peterson, you can see that influence here this afternoon. "Just good enough to make the playoffs" isn't good enough for me. I need to see some type of direction from the leadership of this franchise. Because right now, we don't have any. Herm Edwards' public comments and Carl Peterson's back office decision making are clashing and the result isn't pretty.