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The AFC West After Week 1

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News and notes from around the AFC West blogosphere...

The Broncos pulled out a squeaker against the Bills, winning the game 15 to 14 on the sure foot of Jason Elam. Check out the last 25 seconds below.

Here are some stats for that game as well as commentary from the Sports Guru.

The Broncos are 1-0. That's all that matters. It was ugly at times, it was unwatchable at times, and at times it looked hopeless, but the Broncos found a way, a way to get the W, a way to gut out a tough road win.
The Lions pounced (Like that?) all over the still hapless Raiders, beating the silver and black 36 to 21. This is what Saint had to say, on Silver and Black Pride:
It was so bad after the game that Al Davis left before half of the team and was sitting in the front seat of a Lincoln with clear windows and not his limo.

His face carried with it immense anger and he was so steamed that I'm sure you could have boiled an egg on his forehead.

This is the countenance one should carry after losing your opening game in such a sickening manner.

Yet, the only players who "wore" the loss were Daunte and Newberry. The others were smiling, including McCown and Kiffin. That really disgusted me.

Sounds like more of the same in Oakland.

Rob from Bolt Hype fills us in on the Chargers 14 to 3 win over the Chicago Bears.

The offensive playbook has certainly expanded, and if you were seeing the Chargers run plays that you never saw in years past, you weren’t alone. Its not too early to see why Norv Turner carries to reputation for being an offensive mastermind. The way the Bears defense was playing on Sunday, it’s a marvel the Chargers scored at all, let along two touchdowns in the second half. Its going to be awesome watching the Bolts run more of these new plays throughout the year. I’d expect a reverse play for next week’s matchup against New England.
The Chargers are still cream of the crop of the AFC West but they won't go anywhere if LT remains their second leading rusher. He won't, of course. Look for Tomlinson to blow up again and again throughout the season. He's just too good.