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Herm Edwards Blames Turnovers for the Chiefs' Loss

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More than a few times in fact. From his post game press conference:

"It's very simple and not very hard to figure out: when you turn the ball over four times on the road that's not good."
And again.
"That's where we're at. Not very good when you turn the ball over on the road."
"We get the ball coming out the second half and we turn it over and that makes it 17-0 and that makes it very difficult."
Wait for it...
"Generally, you turn it over four times it gets way out of whack."
I think we got the point.
"But we turned the ball over way too many times. You’re not going to turn the ball over four times in the National Football League and win."
Herm isn't going to place even a little blame on himself?