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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Report #11

I highly suggest watching Hard Knocks if you get the chance. I watched nearly the whole show and I kept thinking to myself how lucky we are that HBO chose the Kansas City Chiefs. As is the norm with HBO shows, it was extremely well done and uncensored. Tailgateandwin live-blogged the whole thing here and did a hell of job. Carl Peterson is funnier than I ever thought he could be and Bernard Pollard dances like a teenage cheerleader. All in all, I can tell its going to be a great show.

Today's practice: Practice 3:53-5:26 p.m.

Warpaint Illustrated's coverage of the PM practice is here. The UW-RF notes are for the AM slot are here and the PM notes are here.

News and notes for the Kansas City Chiefs' practice on Wednesday, August 8th:

  • It was a special teams only practice in the morning. Justin Phinisee, Samie Parker and Ean Randolph all returned punts.

  • Tank Tyler popped RB Derrick Ross to stop him from scoring.

  • Old man WR Rod Gardner caught a 20+ yard TD catch and is keeping afloat in camp this year.

  • Justin Medlock hit field goals from 25, 30, 34, 42 and 53 yards in the PM practice.

  • Rod Gardner did have a fumble after a Damon Huard pass.

  • Check out Josh Looney's camp report. It has a great story about a fan Herm invited on the field.
Defense: I'm sure part of the defense's success is related to a lot of the younger offensive guys getting reps. But you can't deny that this defense is going to be nasty and all of the reports coming out of River Falls indicate so. Finally, I don't think we're looking at any more regular season games where we put up 35 points and lose by 7.

Kendrell Bell: C.E. Wendler from WPI said it about succinctly as possible: "We may be seeing the beginning of the end for Kendrell Bell. Tonight Keyaron Fox was playing with the second team at weakside linebacker. Not only that, he was making plays, too."

You can check out all of the training camp coverage here.

It's Game Time.

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