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Kansas City Chiefs "Fear the Worst" with Damion McIntosh

**UPDATE Tuesday PM**: Per primetime07's comments and ESPN Radio, we learn that McIntosh is out indefinitely. His MRI was apparently negative which is good news for him playing at some point this season.

I reported earlier this morning that left tackle Damion McIntosh had sprained his knee yesterday in practice at River Falls, WI. Today's article in the Kansas City Star makes me feel a little more uneasy than I did yesterday.

Further tests were scheduled to determine the extent of the injury, but the Chiefs feared the worst. Coach Herm Edwards was already busy determining replacements from a short list that includes veteran Kyle Turley and inexperienced Will Svitek.
Turley and Svitek aren't really acceptable replacements at this point. Neither one has shown half of what McIntosh has during camp. For now, I'm going to breathe slowly and remember that we've been through this before (Note: The video is no longer there but you get the point). The Broncos had a similar scare yesterday when 17th overall pick DE Jarvis Moss twisted his knee. McIntosh's injury appears to be worse though.

It's Game Time.

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