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Open Thread - Kansas City Chiefs (0-3) v. St. Louis Rams (1-2)

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I botched the open thread by accidentally writing over an old open thread I was cutting and pasting from. stevedebergHOF got a game thread up in the diaries though.

When: Noon, Central time

Where: Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX

Listen to the Chiefs game online here.

Its here.

Its finally here.

2 hours and counting as I type this until the Kansas City Chiefs kick off their season against the Houston Texans. I don't really have much to say here. The excitement of the moment has me a bit caught up. Since last season, a few friends and I have taken it upon ourselves to deem every Chiefs gameday, Chiefsmas. In fact, I woke up to multiple messages this morning wishing me a happy Chiefsmas.

Game predictions? 24 to 13, Chiefs. That includes one defensive TD for the good guys. Yours?