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My Stab at the Kansas City Chiefs 53 Man Roster

Before we get into the cuts, did anyone notice the Chiefs' desperation in selling some of these tickets? had a splash page up yesterday and today promoting ticket packages. Also, during last night's game, there was a scrolling marquee at the bottom of the screen promoting Chiefs tickets. I guess when you've handcuffed yourself to the Chiefs soldout record as much as Carl Peterson has, you live and die with it.

*Note: Red is for the players who are getting cut, yellow for the practice squad and the blue for the PUP list. Take a look over and let me know if I've made any obvious errors. Special teams is pretty much set so I'm not worrying about that. Also, I'm pretty sure Patrice Majondo-Mwamba is an international player exemption that doesn't count towards the roster.


WR 18 Samie Parker 80 Jeff Webb 82 Dwayne Bowe 9 Ean Randolph 85 Eddie Drummond
WR 87 Eddie Kennison 81 Chris Hannon 14 Brad Ekwerekwu 8 Bobby Sippio
QB 11 Damon Huard 12 Brodie Croyle 1 Casey Printers 15 Jeff Terrell
RB 27 Larry Johnson 26 Michael Bennett 21 Kolby Smith 38 Marcus O'Keith 39 Derrick Ross 31 Priest Holmes
FB 84 Kris Wilson 46 Boomer Grigsby 30 Gilbert Harris
LT 77 Damion McIntosh 71 Will Svitek
LG 54 Brian Waters 65 Herb Taylor 72 James Newby
C 62 Casey Wiegmann 64 Rudy Niswanger 73 Rob Hunt
RG 76 John Welbourn 61 Tre Stallings
RT 60 Chris Terry 74 Kyle Turley
TE 88 Tony Gonzalez 89 Jason Dunn 84 Kris Wilson 47 Michael Allan 48 Keith Willis


LE 91 Tamba Hali 96 Jimmy Wilkerson
LT 95 Ron Edwards 92 James Reed 65 Patrice Majondo-Mwamba
RT 70 Alfonso Boone 93 Tank Tyler 73 Kiki Gonzalez
RE 69 Jared Allen 90 Turk McBride 72 Montez Murphy 61 Michael Heard
LOLB 56 Derrick Johnson 97 Keyaron Fox 57 Nick Reid
MLB 50 Napoleon Harris 52 William Kershaw 98 Nate Harris
ROLB 59 Donnie Edwards 99 Kendrell Bell 55 Rich Scanlon
LCB 24 Ty Law 39 Dimitri Patterson 35 Will Poole 40 Justin Phinisee
RCB 23 Patrick Surtain 20 Benny Sapp 34 Tyron Brackenridge
SS 49 Bernard Pollard 25 Greg Wesley 30 Marlon Fair
FS 44 Jarrad Page 47 Jon McGraw 29 Chad Williams

I think the addition of kick returner Eddie Drummond pretty much seals the practice squad fate of Jeff Webb and Ean Randolph. Webb and Randolph are both kick return guys first and receivers second. The addition of Drummond eliminates the return need, relegating Webb and Randolph to next year. Plus, I think the addition of Bobby Sippio would push those guys further down the WR depth chart anyway. Justin Phinisee is in the same boat. His return skills were part of the reason he was still around and with Drummond in, he's on the practice squad as well.

Michael Allan is potentially our TE of the future. Tony G doesn't have that many years left and his retirement in the next few years would coincide perfectly with the development of Allan.

Our starting linebackers are definitely set. Kendrell Bell's salary really prohibits him from being cut at the moment so he stays. Rich Scanlon can play all three LB positions so he's in as well. William Kershaw has had a pretty good preseason so he earns a spot as well. Nick Reid on the practice squad is a bit of a stretch but I gotta throw one local guy in.

No reason for three fullbacks. Bye bye Gilbert Harris. The Chiefs aren't cutting a "folk hero" with a mohawk.

Benny Sapp and Dimitri Patterson both earned their backup CB spots this preseason, with Sapp playing especially well last night. Jarrad Page had a few nice tackles last night but also missed a few, which means I'm still worried about him. I've said it before- Jon McGraw is a Herm guy. He'll be around.

I'm going to sit here and look at this chart throughout today. I'll note any changes I make. Cuts are by 3 pm 6 pm tomorrow. Any spots where you particularly agree or disagree?

It's Game Time.

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