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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Report #7

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Today's practice: @ Mankato, Minn. Practice 6:30-8:45 p.m.

Don't forget that the Kansas City Chiefs scrimmage against the Minnesota Vikings this evening. Then the Vikings come back to UW-RF tomorrow night for another scrimmage. Warpaint Illustrated's AM recap here. UW-RF AM notes are here and the PM notes are here.

News and notes for the Kansas City Chiefs' practices on Thursday, August 2nd:

  • Donnie Edwards and Eddie Kennision sat out the AM practice.

  • Safety Bernard Pollard continues to make plays on defense.

  • Derrick Ross fumbled. Again.

  • Casey Printers looked very good in the AM practice, says WPI and the official Chiefs' site.

  • Damon Huard took most of the 1st team snaps in the AM session.

  • Casey Printers will be the starting QB for this evening's scrimmage with the Vikings.

  • Herm on giving veterans days off: "They’re veteran football players. What you don’t want to do is expose them to too much. They’ve been in a lot of training camps. They get a whole day off now which is good for them. They then have to go to work Friday and Saturday. There are certain players that you look at where they’re at in their careers. You know how many reps they’ve taken in camp; you know how many reps that they need. From there you start scaling back."
Chris Hannon: Per WPI, Hannon appears to be our third receiver.

Derrick Ross: In a rather uneventful practice before the Vikings scrimmage, Derrick Ross gets the down nod for fumbling yet again. Each time Ross fumbles, Herm Edwards' disappointment has been noted by various reports.

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It's Game Time.

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