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MTV's Rock 'N Jock Super Bowl

Last night, while playing trivia at a bar on a team named (not kidding), I had a random thought: What the hell ever happened to MTV's Rock 'N Jock series? They had baseball, basketball and football games all populated by musicians, actors and athletes. The rules were ridiculous (see the 100 point basket), the cleavage gratuitous and the players more than likely swallowing some sort of performance enhancer. It would appear, after no research at all, that the series is now defunct.

I always remember Rock 'N Jock sports for what it really was- shitty reality television before we even knew what reality television was. But, for now on this gorgeous Friday, enjoy this clip of Lavar Arrington catching a touchdown while sitting in a scrolling armchair at the back of the endzone.

Gotta love how Marino points to Arrington to hit the open spot. Those were the days....

It's Game Time.

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