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Former Kansas City Chief Todd McNair Involved in Dog Cruelty

Todd McNair, who played running back for Kansas City Chiefs from 1989 to 1996, "was twice convicted on charges related to mistreatment of dogs in the 1990s." And you know what? Our very own Bruins Nation scooped everyone else on the story. The following is from the Wizard of Odds coverage:

In March 1994, police in the New Jersey Borough of Paulsboro shot and killed a pit bull for biting and locking onto a neighborhood dog. They suspected the dog belonged to McNair, and discovered six more chained in his yard. He agreed to move them.

On March 30, 1996, McNair was charged with cruelty to animals, failure to obtain licenses and keeping animals for the purpose of fighting on his property in East Greenwich, N.J. Animal control officers found up to 22 pit bulls, including 17 adults and five puppies.

The Wizard of Odds then went on to say, "The Rocky Mountain News reported later that year that the dogs were attached to heavy automobile towing chains. Some of the dogs were found in standing water, and many were scarred. Several had fresh wounds and one had a broken leg." Tick, tock. The countdown to the connection between "animal cruelty" and "dog fighting" has begun.

Wow. This story is still spreading around the Internet and the traditional media. The original diary breaking the story is here. Congrats to the Bruins Nation community for their hard work.

Granted, this story probably doesn't mean much without the Michael Vick plea a few days ago. Still, its fun to see a UCLA blog possibly shake up the staff of the USC football team.

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