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Kansas City Chiefs Water Cooler Conversations

The final game of the preseason is tonight against the St. Louis Rams. Hardly any of the starters will be playing and besides Brodie Croyle starting the game, there won't be a whole lot to talk about. I've gathered some odd and quirky facts about some of the Kansas City Chiefs players so you can keep the conversation going at the office, on your couch or at the bar. Feel free to claim that you found these on your own. All of the info comes from the horribly outdated

Damon Huard

Nickname: Huey

Favorite movies: Risky Business, Stand By Me, Braveheart

Football heroes growing up: Dan Marino and John Elway (You have to be ****ing kidding me)

Few people know that: Huard worked for the co-founder of Microsoft (Paul Allen) his first year out of college

Larry Johnson

Favorite movie: Glory

Few people know that: Larry's a painter

Pre-game ritual: Listening to the Glory soundtrack

Nicknames: LJ and Big L

Tony Gonzalez

Craziest ambition: Act on Broadway

Autobiography would be called: Keepin' it Real

Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

Casey Wiegman

Few people know that: Casey's hometown of Parkersburg, IA, has had four NFL players come out of it

Favorite bands: Dave Matthews Band, Limp Bizkit, and Godsmack. Of course, Jimmy Buffet.

Nickname: Wigs

Patrick Surtain

Few people know that: Grew up with Juvenile, the rapper

Craziest ambition: To get a million dollars in singles and wallow in it

Hobbies: Sleeping and watching Sportscenter

Rod Gardner

Nicknames: Playboy, Sticky Fingers, Rod

Craziest ambition: Own a yacht

Dream car: Camry

So, Huey is a traitor; The Big L is deeper than we all thought; Tony G is a more than likely a diva; Wigs couldn't get any whiter; Patrick Surtain was makin' it rain before Pacman Jones; and former Chief Rod Gardner is probably closer to a buying a Camry than ever.

It's Game Time.

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