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Kansas City Chiefs Announce Roster Cuts


Kansas City placed G Chris Bober, FB Greg Hanoian, LB David Hicks and WR Maurice Price on Injured Reserve and terminated the contract of WR Rod Gardner. The Chiefs also released 9 players: T George Batiste, CB Michael Bragg, DE Chris Harris, WR Brent Little, CB Marcus Maxey, TE Mike Pinkard, T Ramiro Pruneda, WR Titus Ryan and T Kevin Sampson.
Some of those "cuts" have already been reported here at AP. The eight players that we were looking for are:
  • T George Batiste
  • G Chris Bober
  • LB David Hicks
  • CB Michael Bragg
  • FB Greg Hanoian
  • T Kevin Sampson
  • WR Maurice Price
  • WR Brent Little
Keep an eye on the depth chart. It hasn't been updated yet but it will be soon. We're still shaky on the right side of the offensive line (and everywhere else for that matter with the exception of Brian Waters) so the Kevin Sampson cut is a little bit surprising. Also, Michael Bragg seemed to have a slight leg up on a couple CBs but I guess not.

Nothing really shocking here Chiefs fans. By Saturday, 22 more players will be gone. I'll digest these and probably give my thoughts in the comment section.

It's Game Time.

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