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Cut Time: Who Do the Kansas City Chiefs Keep?

**UPDATE TUESDAY PM** The cuts have been announced.

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By tomorrow, the Chiefs will have to trim their roster down to 75 players which means 8 players currently on the roster will be gone. Then, on September 1st, the roster will be trimmed down to season standard of 53 players. That means that by the end of this week, the Chiefs will have gotten rid of 30 players. Before the Saints game, the Chiefs released WR Rod Gardner and WR Titus Ryan; TE Mike Pinkard; the Mexitackle Ramiro Pruneda; and defensive lineman Chris Harris and CB Marcus Maxey. Here are 8 players that have the possibility of getting cut tomorrow or by September 1st.

# Name Pos Born Exp Acquired
53 David Hicks LB 8/7/1984 R CFA-07
61 Michael Herd DE 05/24/1984 R CFA-07
15 Jeff Terrell QB 1/24/1985 R CFA-07
39 Derrick Ross RB 12/29/1983 2 FA-06
29 Chad Williams S 1/22/1979 6 FA-07
14 Brad Ekwerekwu WR 10/3/1985 R CFA-07
13 Brent Little WR 4/3/1983 1 FA-07
17 Maurice Price WR 9/11/1985 R CFA-07

Considering that the Chiefs will have to drop another 22 players by September 1st, there could be a lot of overlap deciding between the cuts tomorrow and the cuts on the 1st. Some of the guys will end up on the practice squad. Here's a little info on the practice squad from Wikipedia:

Each NFL team may keep up to eight members on their "practice squad" in addition to their 53-member main roster. They consist mostly of rookies who were cut in training camps and borderline NFL-caliber players. Both rookies and young veterans are eligible for the practice squad. However, a player cannot participate on the practice squad for more than two seasons. Practice squad players practice alongside regular roster players during the week; however they are not allowed to play in actual games.
Players credited with two or more NFL seasons are ineligible, which rules out Chad Williams and if I'm not mistaken Derrick Ross. I don't think Marcus O'Keith is that much better than Ross, if at all, but O'Keith doesn't fumble like Ross either. The other guys on the list are guys who made absolutely no noise in training camp or the preseason. Honestly, I had never heard of Michael Herd and I'm googling info on the Chiefs literally all the time. Brad Ekwerekwu has the chance to be a practice squad guy. He seems like he has decent skills. If you're an Eck guy, you're in good company. Redbeard over at Arrowhead Addict is absolutely nuts for the former MU wideout.

I'm not saying all of these guys are the exact guys who are going to get cut tomorrow. Its a jumping off point to see who the Chiefs will eventually keep on their 53 man roster. For example, the Chiefs have 14 corners and safeties so its more than likely that Chad Williams won't be the only secondary guy to get cut.

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