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Kansas City Chiefs Community Projections: Eddie Kennison

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For whatever reason, Eddie Kennison's name doesn't come up much around here. Despite quietly putting up 1000 yard receiving seasons in 2004 and 2005, Eddie Kennison isn't a take over a game type of guy. He is the epitome of a "wily veteran". A hard working blue collar type, Eddie never really was flashy but could still be counted on for a few clutch catches throughout the season that greatly enhanced the Chiefs chance to win the particular game. At the same time, as this Football Outisiders article says, Kennison is responsible for almost as many "killer drops" (drops on 3rd or 4th down) as he was game changing plays. Perhaps thats why he's never really the main topic of conversation. Its always, "Oh Kennison will get his normal share of catches and yards this year. Not much more, not much less."

I particularly enjoyed this tirade he went on while engaging some Denver Broncos in a media "war" in 2003: "If you want war with words, we can go war with words. If you war on the field, we’ve got war on the field. I’m not an Indian chief, but I know war when I hear it. I know war talk when I hear it." I find it a bit unsettling that Kennison took on the role of a "Chief" so seriously there. Kind of makes me wonder about him.

On a serious note, Eddie is the type of guy that you feel good for when he catches a touchdown and the younger guys all run up to him and give the proper commendations. Entering his 13th season, this season could easily be Kennison's last. While he's shown no signs of slowing (a 6 TD average over the last three seasons), a 14th or 15th season is almost unheard of nowadays for any position. Plus, you can tell from the Hard Knocks footage that Eddie had a strong desire to stay close to his family. When your in your mid 30s like Kennison is, a looming "retirement" of 40 to 50 years has to be knocking pretty hard on his door.

But I don't imagine that Eddie Kennison slows down. He's very active with his foundation, which seems to be more common than not in Kansas City. Will Shields is another Chief who now dedicates most of his time to his foundation, the Will to Succeed foundation. If she's around, I'm sure tailgateandwin could fill you in on this much better than I can.

Okay, back to Eddie's 2007 season. This is my projection:

  • Receptions: 48

  • Receiving Yards: 715

  • Touchdowns: 6
And just for the hell of it, I think Kennison rushes 6 times for 38 yards. There isn't really any reason that Kennison should drop too far below his 2006 stats. The offense is essentially the same as far as he's concerned, even with the addition of Dwayne Bowe.

It's Game Time.

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