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Reggie Bush's Favorite Player Growing Up....

Was current Chiefs offensive lineman Kyle Turley. I found this interesting tidbit over at the FanHouse (Thanks MDS!). Check it out:

When he was a youngster living near the campus of San Diego State University, a young Aztecs football player lived in an apartment across the street and was drafted by an NFL team.

Bush knew him. And when the player was selected in the first round of the draft, Bush asked that the player bring back some team gear. The player signed the items and gave them to Bush.

Bush says he always remembered what Kyle Turley, the Saints' 1998 first-round pick, did for him, and Bush admits that was another lesson that stuck: take time out for others.

I always found it interesting how when you were a kid, even the smallest gestures by others could have a huge impact. Kyle Turley is pretty much defined by his on-the-field helmet throwing incident back in 2001. You can bet this story got .1% (for good reason) of the media play that his helmet tossing incident did. Once you get past the tattoos and the occasional temper flare up, I'm sure Kyle Turley is a pretty regular guy.

It's Game Time.

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