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Morning Update (Escape from Monkey Island Edition)

So, Damon Huard will start the season for the Kansas City Chiefs at quarterback. While I'm disappointed that Brodie Croyle won't be getting the benefit of a full NFL season, the only thing to do know is start guessing what week Brodie takes over the job. That, I'm guessing, is inevitable. There is absolutely no way Damon Huard plays 16 games this season. Gotta love this Hermism on taking input from other people: "Let me put it this way: Reporters report, players play, coaches coach. Moms are moms and dads are dads."

It appears that Herm Edwards and Carl Peterson especially felt that Croyle needs more time before he's ready to be a starter. I feel like this position was Croyle's to lose and that last Thursday's game only harmed his position on the depth chart. I'm moving forward with this decision with Brodie Croyle eventually taking over the starting QB job in mind. Croyle will be an important piece of the puzzle for the Kansas City Chiefs in the coming years. Now that the quarterback position has been decided, lets not forget that there are a lot of other positions for the Chiefs that could see eventual starters develop this season. As the signing of Eddie Drummond showed, the Chiefs are still unsure about who will fill the kick returner position. Beyond Eddie Kennision and Dwayne Bowe sit a host of young wideouts. Brodie Croyle is only one of the many young faces that will fill the Chiefs roster in the coming years.

I'm imagining Huard getting the news and doing a giant fist pump. You know the guy is excited for his first starting, NFL season.

And come on Travis Henry. Nine kids? Nine different women? After a certain point he's gotta be trying to do that. I'm still recovering from my weekend adventure at Monkey Island so forgive the light thoughts. I reverted to being 8 years old and jumped off a dock about 50 times yesterday and I'm feeling the aftermath of that today.

It's Game Time.

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