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Predict the Kansas City Chiefs Record

Its prognostication time again at AP. With three preaseason games down, I figured now is as good a time as any. Here is a record prediction from April and here is one from the end of June. Unfortunately, my 10 and 6 record pick through Chiefs red-colored glasses has worsened.

  • @ Houston - W
  • @ Chicago - L
  • Minnesota - W
  • @ San Diego - L
  • Jacksonville - L
  • Cincy - L
  • @ Oakland - L
  • Green Bay - W
  • Denver - L
  • @ Indy - L
  • Oakland - W
  • San Diego - L
  • @ Denver - L
  • Tennessee - L
  • @ Detroit - W
  • @ New York Jets - W
I went from 10 wins and 6 losses to 6 wins and 10 losses. I know thats a dramatic turn around but it stems from our struggles on offense. The learning curve for Brodie Croyle and some of the younger guys appears that its going to last longer than expected.

For those of you shouting that the Chiefs are going to be 3 and 13 or something comical like that, you haven't been watching our defense play. Or you forgot that Larry Johnson is on this team.

This Chiefs team will break more than they bend this year but it will be at the expense of actually building a football team, instead of signing miscellaneous players who are two or three years past their prime.

Have at it. I can't imagine the Chiefs being above .500 after this preseason.

Note: I just had to say this after reading some commentary on the game. Can we please wait to condemn Brodie Croyle until after he's played a game with Larry Johnson in the backfield? Just one game?

It's Game Time.

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