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Random Thoughts on the Kansas City Chiefs Game Last Night

Its fair to say we've come to two general conclusions about the Kansas City Chiefs so far this preseason.

The offense sucks.

The run defense is great and only getting better each week. The pass defense could still use some work.

After last night's game, I'm sure the Croyle critics will come out. Yes, he's still making some questionable decisions. Yes, he still makes plays that remind us this is his first year of starting. But the kid has enough talent to give him a chance to work through these rookie mistakes. I don't like making such straightforward comparisons as this but take a look at Peyton Manning first few years. In his first year, he threw 28 (!) picks and 81 picks over his first four years.

I know. I know. Brodie Croyle isn't Peyton Manning. The point is that you can't judge a QB by the preseason, first of all. And second of all, Croyle hasn't been given the chance to lead a football team for even part of a NFL regular season. He deserves at least that before we pass judgement on his NFL career. With that said, he looked shaky behind our even shakier offensive line.

When I think about the Chiefs offensive line, any worries about the QB melt away because the lack of talent on our line frankly scares me. Will Svitek is downright bad. I know I just said ignore the preseason in regard to Croyle but Croyle didn't blow damn near every play. Folks, Will Svitek ain't it at left tackle. Most of us knew this but I am not confident in him playing for the Chiefs in any left tackle capacity. Damion McIntosh, hurry back!

On to the pass defense, which was god-awful.

D. Brees 17 for 19 182 1 0
J. Martin 10 for 13 94 0 1
T. Palko 2 for 2 19 0 0

What you see right there is a pass completion of 85%! 85%! I know the Saints have a good offense but there is some Chiefs ineptitude in there somewhere.

The defensive line is fantastic. Jared Allen should be headed to a Pro Bowl this year and Tamba Hali is playing like this is his 10th year, not his second.

Sorry about the scattered thoughts. I've got work plus planning out this weekend's trip to Monkey Island in Oklahoma for a lake trip type deal. As Wikipedia tells me, there are no actual monkeys on Monkey Island. Never really been to Oklahoma but I'm excited. I just hope nothing like this happens down there. Or ever for that matter.

Jump in with your own thoughts on last night's game.

It's Game Time.

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