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Morning Update (Son of Horse Face Edition)

Been awhile since we've seen one of these on the site. The game against the Saints starts tonight at 7:30. I will be on the computer for the open thread with my new Mac laptop. Its my first Mac ever and I can already tell you I like it a lot better than a PC. The game thread will be up later today.

  • Arrowhead Addict has commentary on the preseason, a clip of the Chiefs cheerleaders and a great article on why everyone won with the Larry Johnson signing.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sunil from Canal Street Chronicles has a great writing style that makes me keep scrolling down the page to read more and more. I was a lazy bum and just asked Sunil this morning to answer a few questions for tonight's game. Hopefully we can get them up.

  • Rob from Bolthype says, Michael Turner, Please Don't Sign with Denver.

  • John Elway is coaching his Centaur son's football team. Too bad the Vortex football isn't within high school regulations.

  • Speaking of the Broncos, they signed former Chief defensive tackle John Browning yesterday.

  • Todd from Roll 'Bama Roll is right. This is one of the worst giveaways I've ever seen.

  • Do the Texans always pick busts in the draft? Tim says relax.

  • College football analysis at Sunday Morning Quarterback. This is seriously one of the best college football sites on the 'Net. Read. Learn. Worship SMQ.

It's Game Time.

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