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Calling the Anti-Larry Johnson Crowd

I never bought into the "locker room cancer" buzz phrase that was thrown around so much in regards to Larry Johnson. I never bought into the talk that Larry Johnson really wanted to play in New York because of his business connections in the city. What I can buy into are more stories like this about Larry Johnson. Here is the timeline of the beginning of his first practice of the 2007 season.

11:47 AM: Johnson pulls up to Arrowhead Stadium (practice had just started).

11:48 AM: Johnson meets with Carl Peterson in Peterson’s Arrowhead office.

11:55 AM: Johnson hustles down to the lower level of Arrowhead to gear up for practice.

11:59 AM: Johnson stretches on the elevator en route to the main level at Arrowhead.

12:00 PM: Johnson catches a ride down to the Chiefs practice facility.

12:03 PM: Johnson jogs onto the practice field and receives cheers from his teammates.

12:04 PM: Johnson immediately enters practice blocks in the club’s goal-line package. FB Boomer Grigsby catches a touchdown pass on the play.

12:06 PM: Johnson takes a swing pass in the left flat and runs 80 yards for a touchdown.

Like it or not, Larry Johnson is a part of this football team for the next six years. If we hope to win a Super Bowl in that time frame, LJ is a back who can help do it.

It's Game Time.

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