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Boomer Grigsby: Linebacker, Fullback...Trampoline Champion?

Boomer Grigsby has captured the hearts and minds of the Kansas City Chiefs faithful by being a hard worker and enthusiastic player. In fact, Herm Edwards even recently referred to him as a "folk hero", whatever that means.

For all of the effort that Grigsby is putting into earning the starting fullback position, he has put in equal if not more effort into...trampolines. Yes, Boomer Grigsby is a USTA Trampoline and double mini champion, which he earned as a member of the AAU national team. He was also a three-time All-American Trampoline Award champion.

Founded in 1971, the USTA has 6000 members, nine divisions for tumbling, and six divisions for the double-mini and the trampoline. Boomer on his trampoline experience, right after he got drafted:

"My mom used to own, and now she runs through the YMCA, a tumbling and trampoline team that competes nationally through an organization called USDA. I kind of grew up right there at the YMCA, everyday working out and tumbling with her. I even worked for her a little bit in high school. Since boys tend to be a little more daring than girls, I moved up pretty fast. I went from beginning status to elite status pretty quickly because I wasn’t scared to try much. When you’re not scared to get hurt, it makes things a lot easier to learn."
Boomer then went on to show why he's now a fan favorite:
"If you play like you’re going to get hurt, you’re going to get hurt. That’s the only thing I can really guarantee anybody. I can’t guarantee everybody I’m going to be a Pro Bowler, or even be that great of a player, but I know I’ll be a 250-pound crazy white boy running down the field on kickoffs."
I did a little searching for USTA trampoline competitions on video but they were all boring as hell. Plus, none of them had Boomer in them. So, without further ado, I give you the now Internet classic trampoline video. Man, the kid in this video so easily could have been me at 12 years old.

I'd imagine a lack of fear comes in pretty handy on the trampoline and the football field. Unless you don't fear getting caught in a basketball goal. Then you're in trouble.

It's Game Time.

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