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Waiting for Larry Johnson

**UPDATE Tuesday PM** Larry Johnson has ended his holdout.

**UPDATE** Multiple forums and sites are reporting that 610 AM sports radio has reported that Larry Johnson is in Kansas City. Chime in if you heard it. He had previously been working out in Arizona. Cross your fingers...

From The Star one week ago:

Johnson could be very much a central figure at practice this weekend when the Chiefs resume their workouts in Kansas City.
Don't forget this line either:
One source said the sides were so optimistic about a forthcoming agreement that Johnson might be at Arrowhead Stadium for Thursday night's exhibition game against Miami.
Imminent. Imminent. Imminent. Say that word three times fast and it starts to lose all meaning. I still believe that Larry Johnson will be playing by the time the regular season begins. He's too much of a competitor to let precious games and stats fall to the wayside.

Also, it turns out we don't need anonymous sources to tell us when LJ is coming back. We just have to listen to Carl Peterson. From that same article last Monday:

"I’m cautiously optimistic a deal will get concluded, but exactly when I can’t tell you. I really can’t," Peterson said. "I would say we’re still communicating. Are we real close? Not from where I sit.
The truth, straight from the guy who means it. I'm not believing any report unless it says that Larry Johnson has actually signed with the Chiefs. That should hopefully happen soon. Maybe Larry just needs to take a nap and hear a voice that says, "Compromise with Carl Peterson". Hey, it worked for Priest.

It's Game Time.

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