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Priest Holmes Still Not Ready to Play

Priest Holmes was supposed to begin practicing with the team in pads yesterday but Herm Edwards isn't quite prepared for that.

"He's not ready. We had a long talk and the doctor said he was OK to participate. But in his mind and our mind we just felt that where he’s at right now he's not up to 100%. He's been laid off for a long time.

"I told him today I'm not going to rush him. I said you take your time. We don'’t want to be put in a situation where all of a sudden we take him off PUP [physically unable to perform list] and he starts practicing and two days from now he says he's not ready yet. That's OK for you but that’s not OK for the football team."

Is anyone surprised by this? I was shocked when I heard that Priest Holmes had literally not worked out in almost two years until he came to camp this year. I just can't imagine Herm Edwards taking him off the PUP list and giving him a roster spot right now. Herm wasn't around for the Priest Holmes era and, rightly so, seems to be skeptical of Holmes' ability to play this season. Yet again, we'll wait and see with Priest Holmes.

The last poll we did about Priest Holmes playing back on July, 25th, showed that 70% of you thought Priest would be playing for the Chiefs this year. Click through to vote in the most recent Holmes poll.

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