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Watch Out AFC West: The Kansas City Chiefs D is the Real Thing

Jason Whitlock brings up a point that we've all been talking about but maybe haven't verbalize in such succinct fashion: the 2007 Kansas City Chiefs' defense is going to be nasty.

Here's what we know for sure: Allen, Edwards, Law and Jarrad Page are going to create turnovers. Allen, Edwards and Law produce turnovers; it's part of their football DNA. Page has the quick feet and instincts to get to the ball from his safety position.

Those four are good for four turnovers apiece. You can book that. It's done.

If Hali and Johnson improve at all, we're looking at a top-10 defense. If Bernard Pollard uses his massive frame to blow up receivers coming across the middle, then we're looking at a top-eight defense.

Over/under on the Chiefs being a top 10 defense? I think we will be closer to the #5 overall defense when the season ends. Make no mistake about it. We will be good.

It's Game Time.

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