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Priest Holmes was in Texas for Thursday's Preseason Game

Normally, and I'm sure you've noticed, I don't comment on Jason Whitlock's articles because gossip isn't something we like to cover here at AP. But this time it appears Whitlock has some hard evidence to go by.

A Midwest Airlines employee and an airport security staffer both told me they witnessed Holmes board a 1:35 p.m. flight headed to San Antonio that was supposed to arrive around 3:40 p.m. Thursday. And a source in Texas confirmed that Holmes spent Friday in the Lone Star State.
Holmes' motivation for going to Texas is unclear. He could have had a family problem (and there could be a lot of those), other misc. business or he could be blowing off his teammates. And blowing off his teammates isn't anything new for Priest Holmes.

I wrote this way back in October 2006 about Holmes keeping his distance from KC:

I'm not asking for Priest Holmes to be coaching younger players or jumping up and down on the sideline. Just give us the appearance of giving a shit about the Chiefs. Just a bit. Its the only proper thing to do.
Some things never change. Right now, I'm completely soured on the idea of Priest Holmes back on this team. I don't think he's in shape to play and I don't think his intentions to step on the field again were ever valid. Prie$t Holme$, back in Texa$. I'm not surpri$ed.

Note: Forgot the hat tip to Chiefs Planet.

It's Game Time.

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