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Kansas City Chiefs Preseason Game 2 Wrap Up

I missed the first half of the game and was only able to catch parts of the second half so I'll be watching the game sometime this weekend. Then I'll give a full report. For now, here are a few snippets of what happened in last night's 11 to 10 loss to the Miami Dolphins. The NFL gamecenter is here.

Miami edges Chiefs, but Croyle leads KC to a touchdown - The Star

Indeed, for a few magical moments, folks in Arrowhead were beginning to believe. The Chiefs celebrated in the end zone, fans danced in stands, Croyle pumped his fists, and it looked as if KC’s quarterback quandary had been solved.

And then, just like that, it all stopped.

"He threw that interception," said Edwards, shaking his head, "and it was like 'Whoooaaaa! Why did we do that?'"

Green, Brown manage better performances; Beck leads Dolphins rally - The Sun-Sentinel
There were no boos Thursday for Green, but there were plenty for the Chiefs' backups and especially the officials when they didn't reverse rookie quarterback John Beck's two-point conversion dive across the goal line that gave the Dolphins an 11-10 comeback victory Thursday night at a sweltering Arrowhead Stadium.

KC Chiefs Fanatic

If you subscribe to the Herm Edwards School of NFL Thought and Logic, you would be a proponent of three keys to winning football games: Defense, Ball Control, and Special Teams.
Sorry for the unorganized post this morning. I'll have some more thoughts once I finish watching the entire game.

It's Game Time.

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