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The Kansas City Chiefs QB Quandry

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By all accounts, last night Brodie Croyle gained a slight edge over Damon Huard in the race for the Kansas City Chiefs' starting quarterback position. I wasn't able to see the entire game so I'm not going to speak on the details of last night's loss to the Dolphins. Rather, I want to ask you a question.

What are the legitimate reasons for starting Damon Huard in 2007?

Huard may give the Chiefs the "best chance to win" but at what cost? Won't starting Brodie Croyle right off the bat yield much higher dividends beyond this season? Its not so much that I'm a Brodie Croyle fan (which I am) but that I'm willing to endure a season where the Kansas City Chiefs' organization plans for the future. In other words, I'm willing to trade wins for young player development.

If bringing the Lamar Hunt trophy back to its rightful home is truly a goal of ours, I cannot imagine a reason why Damon Huard would start in 2007. Is he our answer for the future? Nope. Are the Chiefs going to be contenders this year? Nope. Accept it Chiefs fans. There will be no SI covers this year saying that we are the AFC's hope for a Super Bowl win. Damon Huard could play like Joe Montana in 2007 but where does that leave us in 2008? Same old song and dance all over again.

If Brodie Croyle starts the 2007 season, when 2008 rolls around we will have a young QB with one full year under his belt. Does a year of Damon Huard and .500 football compare to a year of development for a potential franchise QB? Personally, I don't think so. And playing time is the one thing that will make Brodie Croyle grow up faster in this league than anything else. He's held the clipboard. He's put in the training camp reps. If not now, when?

Frankly, and I've said this before, I'm frustrated with having playoff hopes but no Super Bowl hopes. If you're a Huard supporter, you better be ready to tell me that he's taking us to the Super Bowl. Otherwise, what's the point?

It's Game Time.

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