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Thoughts for Tonight's Kansas City Chiefs Game

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Preseason week 2 is already upon us and last week left us with more questions and fewer answers. Here a few questions to keep in mind while watching tonight's game against the Miami Dolphins. Game time is at 7 pm and I will have an open thread up for it later today.

Will either Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle make any headway towards being the starting QB? I was excited as I watched the QBs last week, hoping that we could get something to go on as far as a leader in the QB race. We got nothing. This week, Damon Huard starts the game, against our former main man Trent Green no less. We'll see how the journeyman backup can do against a stingy Miami defense.

Is Dwayne Bowe going to be able to contribute in a big way this year? I know, I know. Thats a crazy question. Of course he will. But we still haven't really seen this guy in pads or take any contact. Herm said he would Bowe would get a good amount of playing time tonight. Checking out Bowe is perhaps what I'm most excited about for tonight's game.

Which no. 3 running back will break out this week? I know I asked this question last week to but its still relevant. Kolby Smith looked downright average in my opinion and Ross and O'Keith didn't fare much better. My money is on the former Cardinal Smith but he still has to prove on the field that he's worthy of the no. 3 spot. These guys better get all of the reps they can before Larry Johnson comes back (theoretically). At the very least if Johnson does come back for the preseason, these kids plain won't get the number of reps they're getting now.

How good is former Arena League standout Bobby Sippio? We just signed the guy this past Monday after working him out on Sunday. His 53 TDs last year in the Arena League say he's good and he looked potentially quite polished in the few clips I saw of him last night on Hard Knocks. I hope he's got what it takes to stick around for a while. By the way, how far down the list was Sippio when the Chiefs needed a WR? The Hard Knocks clip showed a Chiefs coach calling around a bunch of places checking on misc. wideouts and getting rejected each time.

Will CBs Dimitri Patterson and Tyron Brackenridge keep up their great play from last week? Patterson was everywhere last week and impressed me almost every time I saw his jersey flash on the screen. Brackenridge is looking to potentially play the always difficult nickel position as a rookie. These were two of the best looking guys last week. Lets hope they keep it up and become the eventual successors to Ty Law and Patrick Surtain.

It's Game Time.

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