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Open Thread - Kansas City Chiefs v. Miami Dolphins


Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

When: 7 pm, Central time

Miami Dolphins coverage: The Phinsider

Listen to the Chiefs game online here.

Tonight's game is actually on ESPN so those out of the KC area get a break. I've got a strange feeling that the bastion of original thought that is ESPN will be talking quite literally non-stop about the fact that Trent Green is returning to Arrowhead in a non-Chiefs uniform. Not here though kids. Because frankly, I'm a little burned out talking about Trent Green. We all know the story. I am curious to see how he plays though, if only to gauge whether we will be getting a 5th round pick or a 4th rounder for him when the season ends.

I'll be just a bit late to the party here but don't wait up. Jump in and start talking.