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Around the Kansas City Chiefs Blogosphere

As the football season gears up, here's a reminder that the Kansas City Chiefs have a great group of bloggers/writers covering them throughout the year. You can find all of these sites on the blogroll to the left. If I forgot about you, e-mail me at chiefssportsblognation AT Enjoy.

Chiefs Coalition asks: Do You Smell What the Gun is Cooking?

Even though I’m fully convinced that, despite what the team is saying, the Chiefs have been in full rebuilding mode since they wisely traded Trent Green, I still have this nagging suspicion that this team could make some noise. How much noise will depend on how good this defense becomes.
Arrowhead Addict has musings on Bobby Sippio, Kelli Croyle (pictures) and some Madden info this week.
I’m totally on board. Chiefs receivers who didn’t play at LSU better step their game up on Thursday night. I know he’s an AFL guy, but he’s bigger and just as athletic as Chris Hannon, Jeff Webb and Samie Parker. Plus, he can obviously catch the ball. In my book, that gives him a significant edge on all three of those guys. I really don’t buy that the Chiefs are just bringing him in to have an extra pair of legs. Yeah, right. Face it, Herm, you’re desperate for a third wideout.

All I’m saying is give me one good reason why Sippio can’t be that guy.

KC Chiefs Fanatic gives us a recap of the Browns preseason game.
Was it just me, or did it seem like our defense has done a complete 180 since the horrible days of Greg Robinson as defensive coordinator? Guys were flying around the ball and making plays, and even though Cleveland was moving the ball pretty well, the defense still held them to field goals, which is a lot better than touchdowns in my opinion. The ball awareness displayed by CB Bennie Sapp in picking up a errant lateral pass and taking it for a TD was definitely impressive as well. Everyone in Chiefs Nation should be excited to see this defense hit the field for real this season, and from the looks of the offense right now, the Chiefs are going to need everything they can get from the defense this season.
House of Georges talks about the first week of the preseason and begins their "Our AFC West" feature.
The nutshell: Denver's Jay Cutler and Travis Henry illustrated their ability to deliver mile-high success to the citizens of Bronco Country while residents of Chiefs Nation witnessed evidence of an ever-improving defense, and a frighteningly tough quarterback scenario. End results: Broncos save a victory by thwarting a late-game 49ers second-and-third-stringers effort while the Chiefs fumble away a chance to knock off the Browns in Cleveland.
Jon at MVN reminds us its only the preseason.
Let me stress this again: relax. Take a deep breath. Take your dog to the park. Share a beverage or two. There’s no reason to get so worked up about a game that was played for developmental purposes. It’ll be okay.
Warpaint Illustrated says that Brodie Croyle shouldn't be a concern for Chiefs fans.
I’m not going to sit here and tell you Croyle was spectacular Saturday night – every completion was a garden-variety dumpoff. But at the same time, anyone reacting in knee-jerk fashion to the poor offensive play in Saturday’s 16-12 loss better check themselves. The sky is certainly not falling, and the season is definitely not over.
Chiefs Game Today resurrects itself to give us a few preseason thoughts.
What I really wonder about is whether our offensive line will be servicable. That's really the main question. Will the defense carry the team this year? What a switch for a Chiefs team if it did. Does this feel a bit like the early 90's? Only thing, again...

In the early 90's we had a terrific O-line.

It's Game Time.

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