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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Report #13

That's a wrap for River Falls ladies and gents. The Chiefs will head back to Kansas City today to prepare for the Dolphin game tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who covered camp!

The Kansas City Chiefs' final practice at River Falls, WI, was pretty standard. Reading the UW-RF report and the official site's wrap up, I get the feeling that yesterday's practice was a like the last day of middle school. People were anxious to leave, making jokes and probably pretty distracted throughout the day. You gotta love that Bernard Pollard is known for giving people water bottles with loose lids. I'm sure Gunther Cunningham was not pleased when Pollard pulled that prank on him.

The defense put up 5 INTs yesterday and continued its dominance of the Chiefs' offense. Besides the usual drills, no one was injured today and nothing of significance happened. All eyes are turning towards the Miami Dolphins and the return of Trent Green to Arrowhead Stadium. Chandler Bing Damon Huard will get the start tomorrow and Herm Edwards plans to play the starters most of the first half, along with most of the starters on both sides of the ball. Next week against the Saints, Herm plans to play the starters into the third quarter.

Herm on what he learned about the team over camp:

"I think this camp was good for us, chemistry-wise because we are so young. I think we came together as a team. To be quite honest we didn’t have many distractions, on some days I assumed that we would, but we didn’t. I thought it went very, very well. I thought I found out some things about some young players and some old guys, veteran guys. I found out we are a tough football team, on both sides of the ball. We are going to be physical and I like that. I think that’s a good thing for us, so you come off with that. There are still some guys that got better, some veteran guys because they felt that there were guys breathing down their back, which is good. And some young guys that weren’t drafted, have all of a sudden surfaced after the first game, they will have an opportunity to make this team. So I think after all that, it has been successful."
As usual from Herm this year, nothing groundbreaking was said in his press conferences.

More to come later today. Enjoy some pictures after the jump, including a picture of a woman with a James Hasty hat.

It's Game Time.

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