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Not so much a quote as a funny scene that we'll almost assuredly see on Hard Knocks. From today's final practice in River Falls:

At times it seemed as if there was more action on the sidelines then Ramer Field. A debate formed after cornerback Ty Law caught a pass that bounced off of tight end Michael Allan's forearm; it was a 11-yard pass to the right of the field from quarterback Jeff Terrell. Cornerbacks Tyron Brackenridge and Patrick Surtain and safety Jarrad Page questioned whether the ball had hit the ground and Law supported that the ball did not. Kicker Justin Medlock did not agree with safety Bernard Pollard when he said that Purdue was a better academic university than UCLA. Medlock called over fellow UCLA alum Page to try to reason with Pollard.
That reads like a police report from a college football rivalry weekend. Actually, it reminds me of being in Knoxville, TN, for the UT v. Florida game in 2004. "Polite" exchanges were had all over the place.