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Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) v. Cleveland Browns (1-0) Game Offensive Recap

The first preseason game is in the books and it was a rather bland one. The game was rather uneventful because it didn't produce any new front runners for really any roster spot that was in dispute. Lets cut to the chase and get down to looking at the offensive side of the ball. I put the stats up more as just food for thought than anything. They don't mean a whole lot without knowing how long a certain player was in or what schemes the Chiefs were running. I'm firmly against taking a lot of stock in the preseason but we do have some key battles that will be decided by preseason play.

C. Printers 8 of 17 64 0 0
B. Croyle 5 of 8 49 0 1
D. Huard 2 of 4 19 0 1

I'm sure all of the newspaper reporters are kicking back in their chairs and just rerunning all of the "Dead Heat" stories I read before the game on Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard. Neither QB looked good and both threw ill advised interceptions. I have to confess that at this moment, I'm a bit worried about Brodie Croyle. I have a friend who thinks that Croyle won't be a successful NFL QB because he simply doesn't have the smarts to make the right decisions. As of Saturday's game, I am leaning towards agreeing with my friend. I haven't agreed just yet. I've made a mental note of that point and I'll be watching. The kid can have all of the natural talent in the world but if he throws more interceptions like he did on Saturday, I won't know what to think. Right now, I'm willing to chalk this past weekend's game up to inexperience and hope that Croyle takes it for what it was- a learning experience. Kelli Croyle may not want to quit those car commercials just yet.

M. Bennett 3 28 0 16
C. Printers 4 27 0 14
D. Ross 7 26 0 19
M. O'Keith 5 12 0 8
K. Smith 3 -3 0 0

I have to give a round of applause to Michael Bennett. He's showing himself to be a very capable no. 2 running back and gives me comfort as the Larry Johnson holdout continues. If worst comes to worst and Larry Johnson does not start the regular season, I believe that Michael Bennett can step in perform at a high level. Don't forget that this guy was a Pro Bowler in 2003.

The guys battling for the no. 3 spot reversed what they had been doing in training camp. Derrick Ross put aside his camp fumbling woes and looked pretty good. Kolby Smith, the current favorite to win the no. 3 spot, looked ineffective and man did his stats show it. Is it just me or does Kolby Smith not look like he weighs 215 pounds? Marcus O'Keith did what he's done in training camp- run with the middle of the pack and not screw up too much.

Here's a thought for the preseason. Does it bother anyone that both Marcus O'Keith and Kolby Smith backed up big time backs in college and received very limited playing time? Granted we didn't break the bank or the draft with these two but it makes me curious as to how NFL ready these kids are.

C. Hannon 2 26 0 21
K. Willis 2 19 0 17
M. Allan 1 18 0 18
B. Ekwerekwu 2 18 0 14
E. Kennison 1 13 0 13
M. O'Keith 2 12 0 6
K. Smith 2 11 0 9
T. Ryan 1 6 0 6
M. Bennett 1 5 0 5
T. Gonzalez 1 4 0 4

The wide receivers in Saturday's game showed exactly what they are- a smattering of young guys, none of whom have made any significant strides towards solidifying a roster spot. Chris Hannon looked decent but goofy. TE Michael Allan had one good catch and run. Man, that guy is HUGE. Ekwerekwu had two good catches but a drop as well. These guys can duke it out all they want but come opening day, our receivers will include Eddie Kennison, Dwayne Bowe and probably Chris Hannon. The remaining young guys will have to step it up on the offensive and special teams side of the ball to ensure a roster spot or even a spot on the practice squad.

Time to address the offensive line, or the lack thereof. As I watched the game with a friend, we used the words "crumbled" and "collapsed" a lot when talking about the offensive line. On Friday, I asked the question: Is Will Svitek capable of filling in for Damion McIntosh at left tackle? The answer on this Monday morning is an unequivocal no. The Browns, yes the Browns, defensive ends ran over Svitek all day. Brodie Croyle's fumbling in the first quarter of the game can almost be entirely attributed to Svitek's O-lay move.

This game was very frustrating on the offensive side of the ball. Neither Damon Huard nor Brodie Croyle made any headway towards deciding who will be at the helm of this offensive come September 9th when we open up against the Houston Texans. No WR stood out either. The running backs' performances were marred by poor play by the offensive line. and general ineffectiveness. All in all, a very bland performance by an offensive that I expected to be bland. Come on. This is Herm Edwards were talking about!

Up next, a recap of the defense's positive performance. Its already apparent from this preseason game that our defense will win us the majority of the games this year and I'm more than happy to put that load on this great bunch of guys.

It's Game Time.

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