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Larry Johnson Holdout Update (Sort of)

Note: Check the comment section for Monday's latest updates on LJ.

I bless my future contract negotiations with...the power of Jay-Z!

I've been blogging about the Kansas City Chiefs intensely for just over a year now and one thing I've learned to take with a grain of salt is contract negotiation updates. So and so are X amount of dollars apart...the player and team only need to work out the details...player X is close to signing. I've read it all.

We had about a dozen false alarms with the Trent Green trade that made me just hold off on reporting anything new until it was solid. The same is true with the Larry Johnson contract situation, especially when one report comes out saying one thing and another comes out saying the exact opposite. For example, check out this article from Adam Schefter of titled "Chiefs, Johnson getting closer to agreement":

Based on contact talks in recent days, the Kansas City Chiefs and running back Larry Johnson are bridging their differences and getting closer to a long-term contract extension.

The two sides have engaged in serious contract talks in recent days, making considerable progress as recently as Aug. 11, and further talks will take place in the coming days aimed at ending Johnson's holdout.

Now take a look at this WPI article disputing that fact. It's titled "Johnson, Chiefs Still Far Apart":
Last night a report circulated on that the Kansas City Chiefs and Larry Johnson had begun the final stages of negotiations. According to a source within the Chiefs organization, that isn’t the case, as the two sides have yet to cross the line in the sand.
Who to believe? I'm not sure to be honest with you. Both sides have inside sources, the validity of which we'll never know. When dueling articles like this are put out, fans like me and are you left in the dark. I wish it wasn't the case but we really don't know at what point the Larry Johnson contract negotiations are at. I can tell you this- The only "major contract negotation update" I'm concerned with right now is the one that says Larry Johnson will begin playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

It's Game Time.

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