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Trent Green Looks Shaky in Dolphins Debut

Looks like we're still waiting for Trent Green to get trade...Wait. He's gone? I'm not delusional? He plays for the Dolphins now? I must have blacked out those few months where the Trent Green to Miami trade was "imminent". Anyway, Trent didn't exactly look good in his debut with the Miami Dolphins. In fact, he played so poorly he got booed. Matty from the Phinsider on Trent's performance:

Let's start with, who else, the starter, Trent Green. And I'm not going to be like Cam Cameron and sugarcoat it by saying Trent was "clever." No. I'll be honest. He didn't look good at all. A lot of his throws looked like lame ducks. He didn't have any zip. He didn't have that quick release that we've heard so much about. Now, it could be due to his inexperience with his teammates and this particular offense. But still, his arm strength, which has been questioned all training camp, looked questionable on Saturday. Also, his quick reads were supposedly going to help negate the fact that this offensive line isn't very good. But he looked uncomfortable every time he went back to throw. I guess he has a longer way to go than most had thought and hoped. Luckily there's still time.
We'll check in from time to time to see how Trent is doing with the Dolphins. Remember, if Trent takes at least 70% of the snaps for the Dolphins this year, the Chiefs will receive a 4th round draft pick instead of a 5th.

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