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Gameday Thread - Kansas City Chiefs v. Cleveland Browns


What: The Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs (0-0) at the Cleveland Browns (0-0), Preseason Game #1

Where: Cleveland Browns Stadium

When: 6:30 pm, CT

Listen to the game online here. Dawgs by Nature's gameday thread is here.

Wow. It feels pretty good to be putting up a gameday thread. Its been a while to say the least. For the newcomers to the site who came in the off season, this is our gameday thread. Anything and everything about today's game goes in here. Consider this an open forum for all Chiefs related thoughts you have.

Browse around the site this afternoon to get up to speed. Lots of good stuff written by our commenters. And if you haven't heard yet, the Browns' coach Romeo Crennel will flip a coin to determine his starting QB. Good luck with that stategy.


It's Game Time.

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