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Let the Battles Begin

Football season is almost here and the Kansas City Chiefs only have two training camp practices left until they break camp on August 15th. For those of you who say that preseason doesn't mean a whole lot (myself included), this year is a little different because we have that pesky QB situation to deal with. I think I'll have to create a "Huard v. Croyle" button on my keyboard to save time. Get ready Kansas City. Football season is quickly approaching.

After twenty practices in the summer heat and two scrimmages against the Vikings, the Kansas City Chiefs begin the preseason tomorrow when they take on the Cleveland Browns at 6:30 pm central time. Some questions to ponder before I post a little Q&A with Chris Pokorny from Dawgs by Nature:

  • Is Brodie Croyle prepared to lead an NFL offense? After some careful analysis and soul searching, I've come to the quite obvious conclusion that Brodie Croyle isn't ready to be a NFL starting QB. Yet. This preseason game, even if he only plays a quarter or so, will go a long way in determining at what point in his development the former Alabama QB is at. Playing against your own guys is one thing. Playing against another NFL team is a whole other beast. As much as I've pushed for Croyle around here (and will continue to do so), he has proved little in the field of play. I wish him good luck tomorrow as the Chiefs starting QB.

  • Who is our third string running back? With the LJ holdout still looming over our heads, the question of who will sit behind no. 2 RB Michael Bennett is becoming more important by the day. I fully expect LJ to be in a Chiefs uniform come the regular season but that doesn't mean his backups aren't important. If you recall, LJ once sat at no. 3 on the depth chart too. The battle for the spot is between Kolby Smith, Marcus O'Keith and Derrick Ross. Based on camp alone, the nod would have to go to Smith at the moment. If Derrick Ross can play like he did in NFL Europe sans fumbling, you could see his stock rise as well.

  • Just how good are our young safeties? Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page are quickly becoming Kansas City favorites. The second year duo has virtually locked up the starting safety gigs. Both were fantastic during training camp but are they prepared to play at a high level for 16 games?

  • Does Donnie Edwards still have it? Yeah, Donnie Edwards still has it.

  • Is Will Svitek capable of filling in for Damion McIntosh at left tackle? McIntosh is out 4-6 weeks which means he'll probably be back for an early regular season game. Svitek is virtually unproven on an NFL field, having played in a grand total of three NFL games. Svitek will probably be the main guy I'll be keeping an eye on offense tomorrow.
Its Friday and the Chiefs are playing tomorrow. What could be better?

It's Game Time.

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