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Catching Up with the Cleveland Browns

Chris from Dawgs by Nature, the local Cleveland Browns blog, was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding tomorrow's game. The Chiefs don't play the Browns in the regular season this year and frankly the last thing I want to remember is a Chiefs v. Browns game at this point. Come on. Derek Anderson?!?!?! Give me a break. I'm actually getting worked up here.

Anyway, here's Chris' answers so you can sound smart tomorrow when you talk about the game.

How much gas does RB Jamal Lewis have left?

When Lewis has been with the Baltimore Ravens the past few years, I didn't have faith in him due to his recurring injuries. Although Lewis was still able to crack the 1,000-yard mark last season, it was clear that he wasn't the same running back that had broken the rushing record a few seasons earlier. After offseason surgery, Lewis is supposedly back to his old form. I don't believe that this is a result of the coaches and fans being optimistic, because members of the national media have also remarked on how great he is looking in camp. I still believe Lewis is past his prime, but he should be a definite upgrade over Reuben Droughns.
Besides the Browns two first round draft picks, what off season acquisition was the most crucial?
Eric Steinbach is an obvious candidate due to how well he played in Cincinnati, but I'm going to go with third-round cornerback Eric Wright. The Browns had a pretty good secondary to begin the season last year with Leigh Bodden and Gary Baxter at the cornerback positions. However, Baxter suffered a serious injury, and Bodden missed several games himself. This year, Bodden was a lock to be a starter, but the team desperately needed another starting cornerback. Phil Savage traded up in the second round to select Wright, a player that many scouts believed was the best cornerback in this year's draft. His ranking had dropped due to various off-the-field issues. Wright has been playing with the first-team defense throughout all of camp, and his presence will be key to developing a well-rounded pass defense.
After winning 4 games last year, how many wins do you expect the Browns to get this year?
Many members of the national media have commended the Browns' moves in the offseason, but they believe that our schedule is too tough and that we will only finish with four wins again. Personally, I am shooting for six or seven wins, with the Pittsburgh Steelers dropping into the cellar of the AFC North. The Browns have upgraded the offensive line well, but in all likelihood we'll have to wait until next year to contend when Brady Quinn will be our quarterback, and hopefully our defensive line will be upgraded.
Like the Kansas City Chiefs, the Browns are hoping for this year but looking ahead to next year as well. Thanks to Chris for taking the time to fill us in a bit on the Browns. Visit Dawgs by Nature for more Browns info.

It's Game Time.

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