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Official Kansas City Chiefs' Site Begins Rookie Blog

I wouldn't be doing the blogging world a favor if I didn't link to TE Michael Allan's new rookie blog (Screw double negatives). More a chronicle of Allan's thoughts than a real blog, the column is most definitely written by new draft pick himself. His first entry highlights the differences between his division three alma mater Whitworth and the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

Let’s start with equipment: At Whitworth we were given a t-shirt, pair of shorts, and a baseball cap our freshmen year. We had to buy our own shoes, gloves, undershirts, wristbands, etc. Anything extra was out of our own pocket. We bought our team travel sweats and really could only find team gear at the school’s bookstore just like any other student.
You definitely get the feeling that Michael Allan appreciates his good fortune.
Now take those surroundings and move on to Arrowhead. Do I even need to talk about how amazing that place is? 79,000 people can fit in there? Are you kidding me? Arrowhead is nothing but the best and nothing but the opposite of the Pine Bowl. And the facilities where we get to workout are absolutely amazing… and air-conditioned. Plus we have a bubble with a 60-yard turf field inside eliminating those annoying rainy days and bitter cold practice days we will be facing come playoff time.
I won't be jonesin' for another post from Michael Allan but I'll read whatever he puts out. Kudos to the Chiefs for shortening (somewhat at least) the gap between player and fan. Now all they need to do is find and pay someone (cough, ahem) to blog full-time in an official capacity.

It's Game Time.

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