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Morning Update (Second to Nun Edition)

Jason Whitlock mentioned on Saturday that its time to get over Priest Holmes. He says what we all know- Priest Holmes is not coming back. But it is interesting, as Whitlock noted, how Priest Holmes has become like "Jimmy Hoffa’s body — everybody wants to see it again, dead or alive." Whitlock is completely right. There is an odd fascination with Priest Holmes, considering the length of time he's been away from football. If I had to guess, I would say it has something to do with a calling us back to a time when the Chiefs were "great" (at least offensively), circa 2003. Ladies and gents, those days are long gone and so is Priest Holmes. Neither one of them are coming back and Priest couldn't resurrect those days if he wanted to. The guy gave us some great seasons and from a fan's perspective I'm very gracious for that. But I never felt comfortable truly supporting Priest Holmes after his neck injury against San Diego in 2005 because I never thought he was a good teammate. To be quite tacky and quote myself, "I'm not asking for Priest Holmes to be coaching younger players or jumping up and down on the sideline. Just give us the appearance of giving a shit about the Chiefs. Just a bit. Its the only proper thing to do."

Priest Holmes' reluctance to really show any emotion for a city that gave him his big break makes me shy away from even wanting the guy back. He's nearly 34, perennially injured and more of a malcontent than Larry Johnson. Sometimes its more what you don't do that what you do. The whole situation with Holmes has been far too drawn out and personally I'm sick of hearing about Priest Holmes. Granted, I've only heard his name a couple of times in the last few months but for a guy who hasn't played in close to two years, a couple of times is too many.

Back in early February, Carl Peterson told the Austin American-Statesman that the team would make a decision about Priest Holmes within three months. Its been six months and nothing. I'm anxious to put the Holmes story to rest. Carl Peterson, live up to your word. Please do something about this. Since Priest went down in 2005, his name being invoked in any playing situation has been a fantasy and he's been nothing but a distraction when his name randomly pops up in the media. Let's officially confirm what we all know to be true- Priest Holmes will never play another down of NFL football. We need to close this great chapter in Chiefs' history instead of trying to write it all over again.

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