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Where Do the Kansas City Chiefs Rank?

Via the salary database from USA Today, I give you the top 25 RBs, ranked in terms of total salary for the 2006 season. USA Today says, "For each player, the database shows his base salary, signing bonus, other bonuses and cap value. The base salary is the value according to his contract; however, he may not have received the entire amount. The column labeled "salary" is the actual amount he received in base salary and bonuses combined." I know there are a lot of reasons for the various ranks but I'm not bringing this up to make any particular point.

I'm putting this out there so we can take a look at the top 2006 salaries and so you can check out that link above to the very cool USA Today salary database. As the summer wears on, we'll be discussing Larry Johnson and his contract and it will be important to have some hard numbers that are easily accessible. Mess around with the database and let me know if you find anything interesting. I'll have another positional review coming up later today.

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