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Len Pasquarelli Says its Croyle's Job to Lose

Just a snippet from KFFL this evening:'s Len Pasquarelli reports barring a massive upset during training camp, Kansas City Chiefs QB Brodie Croyle will be the team's starting quarterback entering the 2007 season.
Either the article isn't up on yet, there isn't an article or I just can't navigate my way 12 clicks deep on their site to find it. This nearly confirms what I and many others have long suspected. That it is indeed Brodie Croyle's job to lose. Unless Croyle is injured (Don't even think it), I almost 100% certain he will be our starting quarterback. I've been saying this for a while and hopefully reports like this will knock those remaining few off of the "Start Damon Huard" bandwagon. I really hate to agree with Mark Schlereth of ESPN here but what he said has some merit to it- "There’s a reason Damon has been a backup in this league for 10 years."

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