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Dwayne Bowe Waiting for Brady Quinn's Contract

**UPDATE** Aug. 1st AM: Dwayne Bowe has NOT signed. WPI has a write up on Bowe, his agency and Jamarcus Russell.

**UPDATE** Rumor around the message boards and blogs is that 610 radio has reported that a deal with first round pick Dwayne Bowe has been completed or is nearing completion. Chime in if you have any info. Official word will go in this thread.

Wouldn't call this good news by any means. Via PFT:

The floor for the contract of the No. 23 pick, Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe, has been set by the No. 24 pick, Pats defensive back Brandon Meriweather.  The ceiling will be set by Quinn.  And since Quinn's agent, Tom Condon, is hoping to blow out the slotting process with his Quinn contract, Bowe and his agents are planning (so we hear) to go along for the ride.

A league source tells us that, as of a couple of hours ago, there had been no discussions between the Chiefs and Bowe's representatives for the past couple of days. The only plausible reason, in our view, is that there's nothing to discuss until Quinn signs.

I don't really blame Dwayne Bowe for anything here. When you go from college kid to NFL player, I'm sure there is a strong desire to get as many millions of dollars as you can. On the flip side, I will blame Brady Quinn for being a spoiled kid who thinks he is an exception to the rule. Granted, Quinn is also a college kid turned pro but he's already shown himself to be quite greedy. Now, it appears, the Kansas City Chiefs are waiting on Brady Quinn to sign his contract in order to get our own first round draft pick into camp. From the sound of it, Quinn could be out for a long time.

These holdouts make me wonder just how much control an agent has over a NFL rookie. I would imagine quite a bit. Ramen to riches? I would listen to anyone who said, "Now just holdout a little longer and we'll get you millions of dollars more."

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