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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Report #5

Note: Head over to Arrowhead Addict this morning for coverage of Daunte Culpepper's signing with the Raiders and a Tamarick Vanover update. Yes, you read that correctly. Tamarick. Vanover.

Today's practice: Seniors Day; practice 9:08-10:36 a.m.; practice 3:53-5:24 p.m.

Warpaint Illustrated's AM practice recap here. UW-RF's coverage of the AM practice is here and their PM practice coverage is here.

News and notes for the Kansas City Chiefs' practices on Tuesday, July 31st:

  • Rookie CB Tyron Brackenridge was seen practicing with the starting secondary.

  • Former Dolphin left tackle Damion McIntosh got high marks from C.E. Wendler of WPI, even while he was lined up against Jared Allen.

  • Herm on safety Jarrad Page's youthful enthusiasm: "He’s trying to do too much. I mean he’s a good football player; he’s trying to do not only his job but someone else’s, so all of a sudden he’s not in position to make a play he is suppose to make."

  • Bernard Pollard was "visibly shaken" when he sustained a broken finger. DT Alfonso Boone also broke a finger yesterday. Not too worried about those though. Pollard later came back to the afternoon practice.

  • Another day of camp and more reports of Jared Allen's enthusiasm and energy. Opponents...we're warning you now...

  • Herm on Tuesday's morning practice: "The first two practices were very good, yesterday’s practices both during the morning and after. This one was ok, but it wasn’t at the same competition level, a couple guys couldn’t do it mentally. In the game of football, you have to let your mind control your body, you can’t let your body control your mind."

  • In the PM 11 on 11 drills, the defensive line dominated the offensive line. Tamba Hali would have earned a sack had it been a live game and Derrick Johnson tipped a Croyle pass.

  • Marcus O'Keith also fumbled after a 10 yard run in the 11 on 11 drill.

  • Safety Jarrad Page's response to Herm's earlier criticism: "It's hard to pull back sometimes. At the safety position you can’t try and make plays; you have to wait till the play comes to you and then go after it."

  • CB Benny Sapp also had a pick on Brodie Croyle.

  • Brodie Croyle took all of the PM practice reps.

Damion McIntosh: Fending off Jared Allen isn't easy and McIntosh is building up confidence in a questionable offensive line.

Derrick Ross: He gets the down nod today not so much for his on the field play but for a lack of mentions in any training camp coverage yesterday. A former co-MVP of NFL Europe, Ross is barely sharing snaps with Marcus O'Keith and Kolby Smith for playing time behind no. 2 RB Michael Bennett.

Hermism: Waitress: "So are you a big Chiefs fan?" Herm Edwards: "Yeah…you could say that. I’m a big fan." (Thanks Josh!)

After the jump, a few more pictures from the UW-RF page.

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