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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Report #3

Today's practice: 9:08-10:26 a.m.; practice 3:53-5:19 p.m.

News and notes from Sunday, July 29th:

  • TE Jason Dunn, RB Derrick Ross, LB Nate Harris and LB David Hicks all missed practice due to injury.
  • Benny Sapp, Ean Randolph, Jeff Webb and Chris Hannon practiced kickoff returns. Webb is the likely winner at this position.
  • Tank Tyler and Turk McBride both spent time on kickoff coverage. McBride also made his way into the backfield a few times during 11 on 11 drills.
  • Titus Ryan, Samie Parker, Ean Randolph and CB Justin Phinisee all took punt returns. The real competition is between Samie Parker, Ean Randolph and Jushin Phinisee.
  • Special teams coach Mike Priefer on the lack of competition for kicker Justin Medlock: "I told him as soon as he got here that he is competing against all NFL kickers that don't have a job."
  • Boomer Grigsby is spending time at fullback and was described as "exemplary".
  • In the 11 on 11 drills, Jared Allen made a few more plays behind the line of scrimmage.
  • New Chief DT Alfonso Boone showed some nice hustle as he chased after Marcus O'Keith after O'Keith broke off a 20 yard run.
  • LB Nick Reid from KU intercepted/snatched a ball out of the hands of Marcus O'Keith, prompting the UW-RF writer to call it "The most impressive play made today and maybe even all of camp thus far."
It sounds like Jared Allen is dominating, despite practicing under the cloud of a two game suspension come September. Turk McBride and Tank Tyler are already getting good mentions throughout the UW-RF reports, which still leaves me hopeful that the Chiefs defense can get by without Allen.

Boomer Grigsby, for showing hustle at his newly anointed FB position.

Safeties Chad Williams and Marlon Fair, for letting RB Marcus O'Keith bust through the middle of the field in a drill from the 30 yard line to the end zone.

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