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Remaining First Round Draft Pick Holdouts

Since there has been a lot of talk around here about LJ and Dwayne Bowe's holdout, here is the latest list of current first round pick holdouts:

  1. JaMarcus Russell, QB drafted by Oakland
  2. Calvin Johnson WR drafted by Detroit
  3. Levi Brown T drafted by Arizona
  4. LaRon Landry S drafted by Washington
  5. Darrelle Revis CB drafted by the New York Jets
  6. Brady Quinn QB drafted by Cleveland
  7. Dwyane Bowe WR drafted by Kansas City
  8. Jon Beason LB drafted by Carolina

I'm sure its not a coincidence that picks #22, 23 and 25 all haven't signed. Brady Quinn better not expect top 10 money. Like it or not, the kid needs to accept the fact that he fell like some many others have. I certainly don't want this guy delaying the signing of the Kansas City Chiefs' number one pick.

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